Using YUY2 video display format; disable the other video display format. Page 63 Step 3. Double-clicking a screen when viewing multiple windows can also do this. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Page 66 Step 6. Click on this icon to open Windows Sound Recorder.

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Playing Back Video Files 58 Please check out the driver i-view cpas The path as below: Minimizing System Crash Caused by W indows Select the appropriate camera.

Page 26 Close Device will turn off the selected device if camera connecting to the device is not in use.

This function is optional. Click the icon to set up the recording schedule.

Set which video will be shown on TV when no more alert. This is the entire agreement between you and I-View with respect to the use of the Witness, FreeView Pro and AnyView Pro, which supersedes any prior agreement, whether written, or oral, and all other communications between the parties relating to the subject matter of this Agreement.

General Information Please change the following settings on Windows. Click on the bottom Tool bar and you should see the following Fig But it will take a lot power of CPU; so it is not necessary please do not use this function. Already have an account?


Clicking on the tool bar, will allow you to search your video clips.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Software detection will save the cost of buying additional hardware such as sensors but you are likely to have more false alarms. Motion detection recording rate is same as software setting.

This is the time cp-1400ax that the computer will remain connected with the remote site. The system will be re-indexed the video clips. The Remote client can set up the Witness XP server from remote site such as operating at the local.

Discard changes and exit. Tell us about it. Hardware detection tends to be more stable but requires extra hardware. Video Window Function Description The right toolbar contains many useful buttons.

Ameba Technology,

FreeView Pro default is On the screen Shown as Fig. Tell us what’s missing. If you have enabled motion detection and you would like to have an alarm sounded and notification sent i-voew somebody, please follow the instructions below. With FreeView Pro you can begin to use automatic remote video security and surveillance via the Internet.


Allow having difference file name of Snapshot when trigger from difference cameras. Please follow steps as below to set up site book.


Search for recording video files on the remote client computer Step 1. With IE Browser you can begin to use automatic remote video security and surveillance via the Internet.

It will make the live video more clear and sharpness when you enable this function, but it will share the power of CPU. For example if your recording time is from 5: Last frame cp–1400as Jump to the last frame of video clip.

Three power class levels negotiated at initial connection.