He was a very popular Grand Prix driver in Quebec and won the Valleyfield race three times in , , and Peirce Williams for sharing their stories and knowledge with me yesterday — It was a day I always remember. Pay n Pak was changed to Eagle and then bought by Lowes. The stunning red race boat is powered by a V Allison V12 and driven this weekend by noted driver Jack Schafer. Greg Lewandowski This story really got me going on a Sunday morning. A few minutes later I signed a media waver, had a special wrist band and was instructed to make my way down to the dock and they would arrange for me to join a professional photographer and another fellow who would be driving the photo boat.

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Harry Volpi’s Driver Decelerator [] – Howie Benns Saved

Click here for Valleyfield photos from last year. Peirce Williams, one of the top motorsports photographers in the country!

Bumping into Jackie Stewart at the Piggly Wigly? Many different types of vintage race boats are on hand for this years CRA Spring Thunder Regatta, and tomorrow we will do our best to share some photographs of those boats with you. Southern Michigan Classic Boaters. Click here for the Valleyfield Regatta Homepage.


Red worked as a hgdroplane shadow with the gold leaf lettering. He also recalled his memories in SW fl and the climate here.

Howie Benns

APBA vintage safety inspections. Duh March 17th, John Russo Lettering August 14, 0 Comment.

Too bad you missed to-day because Jay Armstrong and his team really got the boat cranked up late this am and again this afternoon. Philip Andrew Go that Hydroolane n Pak! Alain Prost at the 7 Eleven? Enter your Email Address here to receive a link to change password.

We have an excellent team and provide customized boat lettering for an effective advertising campaign. We have a very special event planned for people visiting Tom Adams shop in Port Carling.

Lauterbach Grand Prix Hydroplane. Your email address will not be benne. For our APBA vintage race boats, it is the chance of a lifetime to run on the historic Valleyfield course.

Howard Benns

Since our on-water time for Vintage is limited, invitation will only be sent to 7 litres and GP boats. And his photography speaks for itself. Click here for lots of pictures from last year’s event!!! To learn more about F. Guy This post brightened up a rather frosty morning. MikeMyou up for a race of the Arabians? Peirce has been photographing various types motorsports his entire career, his love and ebnns of vintage and modern boat racing is remarkable.


Don Ayers Fantastic Texx!!! Because of the World Championships and all the “regular” racing scheduled, water time for Vintage will be limited at 2 days.

Colcock Grand Prix Hydro. Wanamaker assured Little that person was Benns.

With the World Championships, boat counts will be high and the racing spectacular. Sunshine, flat water and spending the day with the great hydroplwne boats and their royalty.

Click here for Ben Lemay’s Valleyfield photo collection. These events also provide a unique opportunity for future generations to experience vintage boat racing, which we all know is very important. Thanks Texx, it was almost the same!