Remove the PCU from the machine. Remove the rear screws [B] x2. Wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning with the cotton. Open the right cover [A] and front cover [B]. Remove the bottom part [D]. Remove the front cover [A] x2.

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If left in the light for a long period of time it will get damaged. If you replaced PCU components: Then push down to lock the tabs on the front and rear end of the PCU.

Remove the front screw [A] x1 5. Remove the bottom part [D]. Open and close the door two more times. Turn on the main power switch, ds, close the front door.

Release the front tab [C]. Remove the top part [C] x1. Replace the cleaning blade [A] x2 Reinstallation: Open the developer pack [J] To prevent toner leakage, never loosen or remove the screws shown gfstetner the illustration below.


Make 5 sample copies. Set the bottom on the vinyl sheet.

Spread the gestetned sheet provided with the developer kit on a flat surface. The drum unit is photo conductive. Press and Hold the C key. Attach the side screw [G]. Release the front and rear springs [C]. See Note in Bold Green above. Do not spill developer on the gears or sponges.

Remove the front stud [A].

Gestetner DSm Toner Cartridge

Make sure that the holes for the screws on the front and rear end of the PCU are aligned correctly. Turn the development roller gear [I] to remove toner from around the development roller.

Replace the charge roller [E]. These locations must be at equal intervals. Assemble the development unit. Tighten the three screws and coupling [D]. Lightly tap the top of the PCU [A] with a screwdriver at 8 locations.


Attach the front frame pawls and front and rear [A]. Press the Reset Yellow key 3. Tighten the top screw [F]. Set the rear cover and front cover [B]. Continue to rotate the black gear until the developer is level.


The total rotation time is 30 seconds. Follow the cautions below when handling a PCU.