By repeatedly pressing the button you can set any of the current savetypes which you can then save to the database by pressing the “SAVE” button which has just popped up. When it came to the packaging the G6 team outperformed nearly all competition in the GBA adapter day. In general, the G6DS Real has the best of everything assuming that the auto-DLDI patcher comes out in June , and even though it is a seemingly high price in the current market, the G6DS Real is a bargain compared with slightly older carts. Therefor not too long ago the SuperCard team rereleased their product with a new packaging and new PCB design. No problems, so save setting, it just works.

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Slot2 card directly from the burning, easy to use; good compatibility, support a lot of games of Download Play feature.

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The system files for the G6DS are quite fast to update, there is no need to run anything within the cart, simply replace the system folder or the files to update. After checking the forums qriter this seems to be the perfect place to ask my really noob question and i ask for forgiveness in advance! Within the menu, you can click X to swap screens, and you can click Y to change the brightness level.

So you can set two different save files to default for each game. Every game has to have it’s own cheat file which either has the game number and is placed writter the “cheat” folder with other cheats or is carries the same name as the game file and is in the same dir.


The G6 Team or better known as the M3 Team has been on the market for a very long time, probably one of the longest. Perfect download Play compatibilty.

First of all you can use normal key controls, combined with a large set of key combinations, to start your game but you can also rely totally on the touchscreen for which you will first have to switch the screens around. I just can’t get it to work whatever I do. Upon my first glance, it looked very different from all the other carts with the clips on the side as well as feader lack of separators in between the pins at the back. High amount of hotkeys.

Homebrew support is however highly limited. The first is that my G6DS real unit has given me some problems which I cannot quite identify.

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In conclusion, I would say, the G6DS Real is a very good product, and definitely worth looking at and perhaps even buying it. A big thums up in my book! I hope the G6 team can fix the thickness issue in the near future, it is one of the very few negative points about this cart.

Selecting a file can be done in several ways.

NDS truly become platform multimedia player, support for games, musicMovies, books, etc. Then go with the SuperCard DS one. Upon closer inspection however, you notice that there is a chip g6sd out right where it is labeled G6DS Real. When you lower your selector beyond the last row to the 4th row the SC’s modified Moonshell still displays twelve icons. To enable cheats you cqrd first select the game you want to cheat in.


Built Nand storage, scalability is not strong. Item was shipped in a regular envelope so the packaging got squashed during transit. Also the save file size of an unknown game is not detected by the SC-DS one but will have to be set by hand. Something that is worth mentioning separately though is the fact that the G6DS also works properly without any problems under Linux. All of the accessories were very high quality; the extension cable is especially useful because of the bulky card reader.


However, this is understandable, as there is already a massive amount of programs out on the internet that can do this already. By repeatedly pressing the button you can set any of the current savetypes which you can then save to the database by pressing the “SAVE” button which has just popped up.

G6ds real the top right of the screen is a drop g6ds real list, here you can choose from one of the six above sections.

All I can say it either doesn’t work, and if it does work g6sd is such a hassle to set up that not many users will be able to use it. It’s a real multimedia system.


Do you already have an account? Of course the SuperCard already worked that way because of it’s use of microSD cards. Instead of pressing a button you can select graphically if you want to boot another NDS card or if you want to boot a GBA slot solution.