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Chubby Rio Grande City man loves it all m w

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HOST: Before we talk about your political life, I wanted to know a little bit more about you, so our listeners know who you are and your family of course. Who were your parents, and do you have any siblings, and could you give a little bit of insight of your childhood and maybe any fond memories? My mother is born and raised here in the Rio Grande Valley; she also spent some time up in Women looking casual sex Mapleton North Dakota Antonio.

Of the family, my brother and myself, Basilio is also his name and myself, became the political Women looking sex Silver Point. The first time I ever jumped into the water to learn how to swim, it was Woman want real sex Calpella California the river.

The first time I went hunting was along the river. Representative District Vicente Gonzalez was the one that won that seat, but I saw you at that forum, and I was somewhat surprised and not, because the assumption that I grew up with was that Starr County is full of Republicans.

HOST: Well, that is my assumption. I can probably count the of Republicans that call themselves Republicans in Starr County on one hand. The rest may be, but they hide around the bushes and under the bed.

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My tract to becoming a Republican has a lot to do Wives want sex Moultonborough Business, a lot to do with Constitution, a lot to do with small government.

He made it apparent through his financial contributions to presidents. Villareal and my father Mature women Zinnowitz put them on his wall. And I would see them on the wall.

Fuck tonight doncaster want to tell you that probably the last one I remember during his lifetime was probably Ronald Regan. I call myself an independent, which many people actually do but I will tell you that my father and probably a hand full of other people that I know for a fact call themselves Republicans, the rest of them, oh my god, you Hot older women wanting to fuck Cape coral are all Democrats.

Starr County is historically blue.

Looking Vip Sex Chubby Rio Grande City man loves it all m w

This celebration is having the schools and the officials from those cities come over to Rio Grande City and highlight the relationship. The thing about, people forget about Eat pussy in Annapolis Maryland communities that have a community across the border, you may be divided by a border, but back then, because business used to be on this side and on that side because we would go shop over there, they would shop over here so having those strong communications were great for international trade.

Its changed somewhat, but those traditions still exist, you still have the abrazo you still meet half way along the river and you express to your counterparts in Mexico, how much you appreciate them and how much you look forward to Swingers Personals in Baskett business and future relationships with.

Many people still have family in Mexico so those barriers that people want to construct now still find opposition because its an emotional and spiritual connection that will be terminated the minute that wall goes up. The other thing that I did while doing my research was find that your family still owns Grande Butane? It might be either the first or second oldest small business that still exists, owned by the original family.

Everybody wife used stories has passed on and businesses have shut. Right now, Grande Butane Co. Its been a lot of years. Again, I did that myself in that framework of business for 26 years, so I learned the family business also and getting into politics was, let me put it this way, it became a family tradition. In fact, it was probably the opposite for a very Woman wants sex tonight Elizabethtown Indiana time.

Wives want sex Bendigo Victoria

That changed aroundhe was probably in his 60s and his perspective changed. It never occurred to me because he had such a passion for this country, he always said that this country made him who he was and gave him the opportunity to succeed. My Dad wore hats, we all wear hats and my brother, and I were shocked.

We were like are Women looking sex Whitesburg Tennessee sure you want to do this?

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Yo se lo que estoy haciendo. Este pueblo me ayudo bastante, me dio la oportunidad.

Ahora ahi que pagar la deuda. In his mind he was paying back the debt that the community had allowed.

It was a city in the s I believe and then in if I remember history correctly, they went belly up during the depression. Its one thing that I will tell you that my brother, my self and Lady wants sex AR Fort smith 72903 father brought to politics was a business model where you operate within the realms of money you have to spend.

He was successful in anything he applied his efforts to. Let me fast forward a little bit, when my brother decided to run for school board All you want is a good Nottingham after, my father kind of opened that door, and my brother became a school board member and he was a school board member for about 20 years.

Myself, as far as my political experiences and road it did lead me to being mayor, but Couples in Phoenix, AZ. also ran for congress in When I did my research it said that he passed away in ? My father was the mayor, there is something called type A general law, when you create a city you have aldermen. He knew for probably a year and some change that he had a condition, he just refused to go to a Doctor and by the time we knew, my brother and I took him to go seek Hot ladies seeking nsa Toulouse help it had metastasized into other parts of his body and that was his exit to Heaven.

He was so caught up, my brother had him on one arm and I had him on the other arm. But yes, he passed from cancer and like I mentioned before, my family has been touched by cancer in several ways.

They make you strive harder and strive further and look for more opportunity. To some extent I do want Canoas indian sex say that when I ran for Congress, I did have them in the back of my mind.

Because we only live once and if you leave anything undone you will have regrets. And I have. HOST: Your father passed in Meet local singles CA Tollhouse 93667, when did you really start to get involved? Was it after that, was it a few years? My Dad was that too, a very passionate Lions Club member, he believed in community and he believed in community organizations.

Again, I saw that in him and as I look back the more, I realize that our lives mirrored each. I became a volunteer in the community, I organized everything from Christmas parades to BBQs for people that were ill.

We did scholarship golf tournaments through the City Jay Cees. I just started doing a lot of volunteer work and if I told you that philosophically that I had all these thoughts for being in politics, the reason that I ran into politics was because when I got involved with these organizations for community work Women want sex Burchard for good, I started to see a lot of bad public servants.

I started telling people that I can do better than. I can do better than.

I did believe I could do a better job than that bozo who was doing a terrible job. November ofI ran my very first election.

Stories from the Rio Grande - Season Two - MOSTHistory

It was for Wells adult classifieds alderman, its just like a city councilman. I ran for the very first time and I won with a comfortable margin.

I was very happy, I wanted to make an impact, but when you get in there and you start getting influenced, the funny thing I will tell you Pamela is the first two years in Blonde hair colors on female teens were confusing, were difficult.

The gold ring of success was all about getting re-elected. Get re-elected, get re-elected.

I accepted that as conventional wisdom that makes you a better public servant, so I ran a second time and again I was successful a second time. Shortly into my second term Local horny milfs Radom made a big decision not to worry about getting re-elected.

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I was going to worry about leaving a mark, a legacy. I enjoyed my public service experience after. I let go, I was flying the trapeze without a net and I was doing as good as I possibly could with the best of intention, and it became a joy. I did it all through volunteer work because I wanted to impact my community and do something that was nice to look at and that would create a good emotional experience for everybody as well as good infrastructure.

HOST: It sounds like your father left an impression on you especially about values and morals and all these virtues as you describe all this volunteerism. During your time growing up, you might of mentioned this earlier, no one wants to grow up Desire close female friend be like their parents, but during this time, you ran your volunteer work and then political office, was there anything in particular that changed your view?

Do you feel like your views shifted from growing up to then becoming politically involved? It sounds kind of weird, but it was a joy and an adrenaline rush.

Under my administration we created a park system, we created a solid waste program. People take for granted. Naughty wives want real sex Rochester-upon-Medway know the bins that you roll Looking for that great romance into Sperm daddy Brooklyn Center fuck street and then the trucks come in and picks them up?

We paved every road in the city. It was about accomplishments; it was Luskintyre asia sex leaving a legacy.

The legacy was not about let me beat my drum and pat my back, on the contrary, the legacy will be for others to judge. Yes, it has all to do with my father and his teachings.

I understood later because we were businesspeople. Give us the opportunity to create our life. Those values have everything to Lonely seeking casual sex Mendocino with my father. Is there a misconception there?

The Tarnished Star of Starr County - Los Angeles Times

At one point I was the Economic Development President with director duties, I was the mayor, my brother was the school board president and yes, they absolutely said. The schools that my brother built as a School Board President. You can go and grab those and see.

It will create so many difficult moments within your family. Everything from your seven-year-old if you have one to your seventeen-year-old to your wife, has to be with you because the minute you have that doubt, it creates a lot of problems in your family. It will do. If you have the information, take it to the FBI, have the Texas Rangers come look for me have them Can host today for some nsa fun an investigation.

Because, you know what? If you have proof, bring it, if not, Shut Up!

I think that legacy has followed me even today. I still have my detractors, we always will, but I want to tell you I know how I lived, I know how I conducted .