Anyway, if anyone really does want to trade, please just send me a private message so we can keep the discussion here on-topic. Wow, a whopping The basic design is a five row QWERTY keyboard with some of the less used characters activated in combination with a special function key. Anyone else still on Palm??!? Anyway, once you’ve got it rotated okay, it’s fine. Brando also has the latest driver on their website which is the one you want if you have a Palm TX.

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Palm Wireless Keyboard with Bluetooth Review

If you put the palm in normally, you can’t use the wire holder to hold smadt in place, or it will press against the buttons on the Palm at least with the TX What you have to keybowrd is set the handedness to left so it will rotate the screen the proper direction because apparently a four direction rotation was impossible, you can only have three, and only one per “hand”.

Lookee what I found. It makes it too difficult to operate the keys the way I expect. But that is not the case for someone with hands as large as mine; I need standard-sized keys to really make decent use of a keyboard. PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any keybaord. Any idea on how the battery life would be under average usage conditions?


At least for me, this creates far too many typing errors, and that of defeats the whole point of bluettooth a keyboard. Account Register Log in user: I haven’t had any problems with it over the years, I just don’t like all of the extra “function” key presses it takes to get numbers and other symbols.

The basic design is a five row QWERTY keyboard with some of the less used characters activated in combination with a special function key.

Brando Bluetooth Smart Keyboard Review

A huge factor is the key size, of course. Don’t we have this already? For a comparison, I laid this keyboard next to my Palm IR keyboard. I need full-sized keys. My two other Palm keyboards were Palm branded, one that connected directly to my Palm IIIxe and one of the old-style IR keyboards branfo four rows of keys.

Brando Bluetooth Smart Keyboard Review

Surprisingly, this Brando Bluetooth keyboard was advertised as having “full-size keys”. Just ordered and received this keyboard. The keyboard folds in half when not in use.

This is accomplished by first sliding the left half of the keys over to the left. It allows for both landscape or portrait mode. For some of you who are already used to undersized keys, this might not be a big deal at all. There are many other predefined key combinations including Latin characters and five-way navigation emulation.

At least that’s what I hope the documentation means. My width comparison was from the left edge of the “A” key to the right edge of the quotation key. After all the warnings about using devices that transmit a signal and afraid of getting into trouble for it, I decided to go ahead and ask the flight attendants if it would be alright to use a Bluetooth device on the plane.


A couple of quick questions I didn’t see addressed: The Brando Smart keyboard has a few additional features worth noting. There is also another small sliding latch above the keys to help with keeping the whole thing from folding up bluetoogh in use.

I have had no issues with the updated driver and my TX; works fine. Can you out-type this one like on some of the older IR models? The number keys are all definable. The key action was preferable on both of those units over this Bluetooth keyboard. But keyboxrd whole thing does work well on my dining tray. I haven’t used it enough since replacing the first set of batteries.

One of those is the ability to assign hotkey combinations to launch different apps.