The email address entered is already associated to an account. If the battery is completely discharged, the burning CD process will be stopped. Otherwise, make the necessary adjustments as shown below. Normally use as default Ultra DMA Controlling Volume Controlling Volume You can adjust the output volume of the computer with the following volume controls that interact with each other.

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Page Password Setting a password will protect the computer against unauthorized access. Once a password is set, the system requires the password when entering to the Setup Utility.

To open the dialog box: Screws Insert the battery pack. If Classic view is selected, double-click Network Connections. I checked with a few experts in the field and was told their is no cooling mechanism for acius hard drive and it will crash because it overheats. The speakers are very petite and have incredibly imprecise quality at moderate to high volume.

Sharp Actius AL27 Review (pics, specs)

Why can’t I access the LAN? Otherwise, make the necessary adjustments as shown below. Wirelees Click the icon. When the Setup Utility is opened, power management does not work.

Select the desired network in the Available wireless networks list; zctius, connect to the network. Select an appropriate power scheme from the pull-down menu a,27 the Power schemes field according to avtius table below, and click OK.


Open the cover of the modem jack on the left side of the computer. Install the driver according to the instructions on the screen. Power Management Power Management Power management saves electricity and extends battery life by controlling power supply to built-in devices.

Actual appearance of your computer may be slightly different depending on the model. Connect the AL series to the host computer. If requested, this number must be provided to the telephone company. Confirm OK is highlighted and press Enter. When accidentally uninstalling a preinstalled application sreinstall it from the CD s.

Cleaning Computer Cabinet Apply a small amount of mild cleaning solution to a dry, lint-free cloth and wipe the cabinet with the cloth. Without the express permission of PowerQuest, you may not a use, copy, modify, alter, or transfer, electronically or otherwise, the Software or documentation except as expressly permitted in this License Agreement, or b translate, reverse program, disassemble, decompile, or otherwise reverse engineer the Software.

OR use the recovery disk creater when in windows to make recover disks, this usaully can only be done once, so if you can access the OS then backup your files and use th F10 method as described earlier.


Peripherals Peripheral Device Ports There was a problem completing your request. The above functions if you perform the following: Refer to the manual of the access point or consult your network administrator if you are not sure. Click the Configure Norton AntiVirus. Please try again later. Manual Conventions Manual Conventions This manual uses a set of style conventions described below.

Technical Specification Specification Sheet [pdf ]. Power Button Power Indicator When you turn on the computer, the power indicator turns green, the power button turns blue, the computer goes through a self test to detect any problems, and Windows setup process starts. The third unit didn’t last a month when the hard drive crashed.

Download Notebook SHARP (夏普) Actius AL27 drivers and software.

Read the message on the screen, and select the way to recover your system; then, press Enter. If your computer is unable to run the Acer Recovery process, or errors occur during recovery please contact Acer Support.

To activate the LAN unit, perform the following steps.