A t tachments 2 Page History. Ensure the path of the company file is still correct for the DSN. Full documentation can be downloaded here. Give us a call or speak to us on LiveChat. You need to go to this location in order to create the DSN to connect to your company file.

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If you’ve purchased a 3rd party add-onthe develop will provide you with an Activation Number. Full documentation can be downloaded here.

Thanks for your feedback. The following fields are only required when creating a Read and Write connection.

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to respond to your feedback. This developer team specialise in Microsoft Excel and can help users with this.

Give us a call or speak to us on LiveChat. When you install the driver, it acts as an interface directt the MYOB database and other applications, mjob requests to, and providing information from, the database using the most popular database industry standard, ODBC. For later versions, see our help centre. Was this information helpful?


Installing the MYOB ODBC driver – ExcelReportLink Wiki

Writing to a file works by creating an MYOB software instance and then running an import routine. To test an ADO connection please follow the below steps: Something else How would you improve this page? Created by adminlast modified by BrianQ on Dec 02, More information on this program is available by contacting us.

Ensure the Company File Path is correct. If not, locate the file and click OK. Skip to end of metadata. If you have questions regarding the use of the ODBC and wish to discover how other developers might have resolved an issue, why not check out our community ODBC forums here.

You need to go to this location in order to create the DSN to connect to your company file.

The driver is a Windows-compatible component with functionality that enables access to your MYOB business information. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Security.

We will cease support of this connection method as part of this process. Uninstalling or reinstalling the ODBC driver. The instructions weren’t clear I couldn’t find what I was looking for That’s no good.


If you receive a successful connection it confirms: Sorry to hear that. Anything you’d like to add? Or maybe the community forum can help answer your question. What odnc the impact to those using a 3rd party solution an add-on with AccountRight v19?

ODBC Driver

Powered by Atlassian Confluence 5. You can maintain a “live” read-only ODBC connection to a registered MYOB company file even while others are entering new transactions, and a connection can be created on the fly using a ‘DSN-less’ connection.

Existing ODBC integrations will continue to work. Click on the Test button. The Key File is used for Developer Access, and is obtained by your third party developer.