I saw last commits are from last August, so I wonder if there’s anybody working on it Install Macintosh System 6. If I understood it correctly, it could even run games that use custom microcode, such as World Driver Championship. Use the Apollo Emulation. Switch to Threaded Mode. It would be sad if its development becomes paused in this moment, when it’s so close of being perfect.

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Welcome to the MESS Wiki! [MESS]

Prior to version 0. Upload Screenshots to the Wiki.

How far is the N64 driver from arriving to a point where we can say the N64 has a reasonably good low level emulator? If I understood it correctly, it could even run games that use custom microcode, such as World Driver Championship.

However, not all of the systems in MESS are fully functional. Please note that much of the documentation on this wiki and elsewhere has not yet been updated to take these changes into account. Previous versions are available as well.

Install Macintosh System 6. Usage output of -showusage command. This problem is not necessarily inherent in a recompiler core versus an interpreter core, it’s just easier to happen due to the more loose interleave.


From a technical standpoint, the N64 is quite feature complete as implemented, but emss are probably half a dozen bugs of varying degrees of seriousness which prevent things from working. If I boost the interleave and use the interpreter cores, World Driver Championship even boots and runs to some extent.

As of version 0. The reason why I have the driver marked as non-working is because there’s currently no way to specifically make the driver use the interpreter cores while leaving the other drivers in MAME and MESS using the recompiler cores.

Most Online Dec 20th, Technically speaking, the driver is almost perfectly functional, minus some texturing issues in a few games, as long as both the RSP and MIPS recompilers are turned off and you use the interpreter cores at an extremely high interleave. Still more bugs to be fixed. Below, you can find some documents about MESS and its usage. There are also unofficial mirrors of the project commit histories: MooglyGuy’s N64 Blog archive.

The Factor 5 games Rogue Squadron and Indiana Jones using custom microcode both do boot and show attract mode. So, I hope you find time to finish it, because there’s no working emulator for the N64 in the world. Software list items promoted to working: Anyway, as I said, I don’t care about performance.


Welcome to the MESS Wiki!

So, my question is: MAME is a source-available project which documents the hardware for a wide variety of mostly vintage arcade machines, computers, video game consoles, and calculators through software emulation. The project has a couple of different sub-pages: Here’s his development thread: Games that need to be acquired and dumped.

Originally Posted By asiga Thanks a lot for such a detailed explanation. For example, suppose the following happens: Dump Mask ROMs.

The idea of a recompiler is that it can recompile blocks of code into blocks of native code, but in practice this causes a race condition between the RSP and MIPS. In that case, I really hope you find time for fixing bugs and arriving to a complete working emulator in interpreter mode. Note that such permission generally does not extend to third-party software or add-ons, and usually still prohibits commercial use which is also prohibited by the MESS license.

Games that do run e. Install Mac OS 7.