Also taken from a model are the side skirts, front bumper and lip. Originally Posted by RotaryEvolution. Even with the extra weight up front from the 6. We’ve found many issues and solutions and made improvements to Mazda’s original offering, but most are fairly simple unless you start adding a lot of power. Fritz hope your still slanging parts casue I need a few, I’ll PM you in a few weeks. The salesman had to help me get back out. Originally Posted by mbaldwin.

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Rotary-Powered RX7 Goes Against V8-Swapped RX7: Which One Is Better? | Carscoops

The list of ways in which you can modify your car is essentially endless, but as far as overall philosophies go, this is one of the best ways you can do it. I’d also like to add another regular maintenance item to check; your OMP oil nozzles. The 3k rpm stutter is still a thorn in my side — PFC some day; I’ll let you know when I’m in sl1 market.

The factory ECU runs mildly richer for both emissions and safety purposes.

This is one of the the best threads yet on the issue. I hope my advice can help someone with their 7.

LS1 RX7 FC V8 vs 500whp Cobra street race drag

A Honda S antenna replaces the factory one that shipped with the car, just to name one such item. This will quell the daaily heat soak experienced by both a slow reacting sensor and the heat soaking abilities of the rotary.


The PFC would be my ideal choice for controlling sequential boost.

Dare I say, a reliable RX-7? It’s drop in, proven, and keeps water temps down. December 28, at 3: I say this because I feel anything past a downpipe requires supporting mods. Thanked 1 Time in 1 Post. Everything is good to look at and everything works precisely as it should.

The reliable daily driven FD recipe (for beginners)

Once you’ve done the above mods you will have a super fun car that’s very reliable and will daiily you smiling each time you drive it but beware of the voices especially the one whispering for the need to increase the boost and power. Rotaries run really hot giving off tons of raily etc… that clogs up both the precat and midcat but the precat gets it the worst and was put on because of the strict emissions constraints in the us.

Originally Posted by RotaryEvolution. This can save your motor as a PFC does not have knock control. Another problem this car has is the gadget guy who adds 15 gauges, stereo with big amps and subs, alarms, auto locks, sleak head lights etc….

Another reason to premix at least a half oz per gallon. Thanked 12 Times in 11 Posts. Yeah, make sure your wastegate hose doesn’t pop off and then dailj 40 psi thru your motor and blow a seal.

In the event you just cannot take it anymore and must mod your car further, then I believe a PFC would be a good addition. Thank you for sharing your experience and guidelines for a good DD FD as well. Upgrade your fuel pump supra tt is a direct drop in it has good flow and it is reliable because the stock pump doesn’t flow enough for a HP car which for me is the perfect power level to get the most out of this car and maintain reliability throughout entire car to include; driveline, bushings, PPF, oil pan leaks etc….


The simple 5-spoke wheels look so right on these older Japanese cars; especially in this particular color scheme. But this build finds a ls11, more classic balance.


An FD RX-7 That’s Easy To Live With – Speedhunters

Seeing as how the owner, Eric, invested so much into getting the thing to run flawlessly, he seems to have found no point in stopping there. Yes, I know, rotary engines rev higher, have a smaller mass and make you feel like a million bucks. The check valves are a rubber stopper type. I don’t call it crazy, I call it smart. We’ve found many issues and solutions and made improvements to Mazda’s original offering, but most are fairly simple unless you start adding a lot of power.

It also is a more difficult car to enjoy or achieve good laps in most venues. Nothing at all hints of the newfound power under the hood.