Never had a problem with newton rings, or flare, since it does use newton galss and has the proper masks for the various formats. A 5×7 image at ppi equals x I’ve never had any trouble with my Agfa Vision scanner, its a great film scanner-but only will scan images up to 40mm x 40mm. Obviosuly, the T is better, but at substantial increased cost. A full frame on most cameras yields an image rougly 56mm x I’ve had a Duoscan for about a year now and am satisfied with its performance. This is a native Linotype-Hell scanners are.

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Keep in mind, that most printers will make a decent print from an image that is half the size of the specified output resolution.

The Linocolor software is excellent. Or are hltra actual optics in the T that much superior. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

Agfa DuoScan, T and Linotype Saphir Ultra II | Photography Forums

Donwload Now Free linotype hell saphir ultra 2 drivers from lagoox. No use of profanity or inappropriate or offensive language! Anyone who can help please email me. In my example, an image of x will give me a decent 8×10 when printed at dpi. Free xbox wireless controller for windows drivers download.


In other words, would the quality of the printed output be negligible for the “best” scans from these two machines at this print resolution and scale? Has anyone tested these two scanners, and would care to comment about their relative quality. We track the IP addresses of forum abusers! Therefore 56 x The ppi resolution is kltra to have.


You don’t need to scan this high but it can be useful if you ever want to output to a digital photographic printer, which I do from time to time a Sienna, great quality. Why no newton glass? This figure is arrived by dividing the ppi pixels per inch rating by The other flatbed scanners I have seen operate in similar ways. I’ve had a Duoscan for about a year now and am satisfied with its performance. I am not interested in printing anything beyond 5×7 dye-sub dpi ; therefore, do I realy need the T as opposed to the Duoscan?

Agfa has masks for the various formats for use in the glass carrier but these are just for single frames. Linotype hell saphir 2 scsi driver Here is the actual subject on top of the Linotype-Hell flatbed scanner a Saphir Ultra2. I need a driver for a Linotype-Hell Saphir Ultra 2 for use with windows professional. Be aware that the software is moody and Agfa’s tech support has ranged from good to absolutely horrible.

The other option is to lay you strips on the glass carrier. But you do have to scan one frame at a time. I use Lasersoft Silverfast V. Author Write something about yourself. I don’t have any scientific evidence to back this up but I’ve done this often and visually the results look great. Of course, this machine is attractive for its much lower cost.


I would rather not do this, but I would like to hear from anyone else in this group about their success with this printer on MF scans, and how they liked the quality of this scanner or why they rejected it.

In the reviews I’ve read of the saphir no one mentions the rings.

The DuoScan is nice too, but I don’t like odd scanning resolutions – it is ppi x ppi maximum optically; too bad it isn’t x if you wanted it to scan at x ppi it would be interpolated. If I decide to buy another scanner soon the Ultra II will be my choice, but after using a Tango drum scanner recently I’m spoiled by the quality.

Some of the solutions involved using some kind of oil on the scanning glass as well as the slides themselves.