Part of it comes down to how much I trust Roccat’s drivers not to go wrong. I use an IntelliMouse Optical 1. I have a spare IMO 1. Just make sure Chrome is not opened when you’re configuring the software and you should be good to go. CM Storm Spawn, assuming you mouse with your right hand.

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Fluidly handle every maneuver for your most detailed projects with carefully calculated weight, stability, and control. Mouse and Keyboard Center Windows 10 bit only Windows 10 bit only Windows 8. I’m currently using an Intellimouse, and it’s great.

Microsoft Classic Intellimouse | Microsoft Accessories

Steelseries Kana has the buttons on each side the way I need them …. Thought those things were so mass produced that it was actually impossible to get a fake one, never heard about this bug. The red is pretty dreadful, but there’s the cheaper, cut-down Xornet that allows you to have the mouse in black, leaving only the ghastly branding.

You could also buy a mouse that has 2 buttons on each side and then edit them in the software. The ergonomic design of the new Microsoft Classic Intellimouse is comfortable for hours of use.


Advanced search it just clicks. Packed with modern upgrades. I’ve never even seen criticisms for its cheap and tacky looks, let alone phantom events.

Microsoft D58 IntelliMouse 5-buttons USB Optical Mouse | eBay

Windows 7 bit only. The DeathAdder I had before this had a more solid scroll, but it wasn’t the right fit for my claw grip. I don’t do the whole open-packaging-and-return thing so this all makes me very nervous.

The red tail light that made the Microsoft Intellimouse 3. It’s not terrible, I actually considered buying one myself and swap the lousy feet and microswitches.

The stray wheel rotations are nothing to do with tracking either.

Avago 88 mice: I had phantom notching with my old beige IntelliMouse too; the Firefox bug raised for this behaviour indicates a belief that it’s an IntelliMouse fault as everyone who’s experienced it has one. I would recommend a Mionix Naos Replacement for the 5-button IntelliMouse Optical?

Comparitively, I’ve never had phantom events with Dell mice, which work flawlessly. I should be able to rule out custom software as it does intellmouse on XP’s login desktop as well, though third-party software can actually corrupt the window system state sufficient to require a reboot. List of mice to test out for you I inteplimouse Just bite the bullet and get something that’ll make you happy, lol.


Microsoft IntelliMouse Optical USB 5 Button Mouse

When scrolling, the feel is a little muted but still distinct, with no skipping whatsoever. The kana and pyra both have the same sensor.

CM Storm Spawn, assuming you mouse with your right hand. This site oh the irony doesn’t work with just a keyboard.

Standard 5 buttons, no funny business. The default setup no software has the side buttons mapped to forward and back, the top buttons to on-the-fly DPI. Tracking intelimouse now even more precise with a DPI range up to I don’t know what will make me happy if my bug aura creates defects in apparently perfectly good mice I must have done something wrong somewhere ….