Please see our new basic troubleshooting page and advanced troubleshooting page. We have seen some cases where the Bluetooth adapter would not install in computers that had been updated to Windows 8 from Windows 7 without doing a clean install. If the adapter still does not install, write down or screenshot any error messages, then contact Plugable for assistance. It often happens that Windows is looking in the wrong place for the driver, or looking in a place that does not exist. Click Apply and then click OK.

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Inamax Plug and Play Bluetooth 4.0 USB Dongle Adapter for PC

The computer can only work with one Bluetooth adapter at a time. Shanghai close Please select your delivery provinces and cities. Skip to main content. Disapointing Have spent 6 days trying to get this to work.

If this device is present, check if it is connected. The most useful files for troubleshooting Bluetooth adapter issues are:.

Use a well-known anti-malware program to search for and delete it. The best place for troubleshooting driver installation issues is the setupapi.

Temporarily disable the antivirus or anti-malware program, and try again. It’s perfect for gaming, data entry, surfing the net, video streaming and more.

Show More Show Less. If you still see this message when installing from the CD or the version on the Plugable website, please try the following: Wireless Bluetooth Receiver 3.


In the next window, select Delete the driver software for this device and click OK. Another issue frequently encountered in the setupapi.

You can listen through headphones, connect a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, transfer photos from your smart phone, and do many other tasks. This is not a problem. At this time, we recommend installing the Bluetooth software drivers from the CD that comes with the adapter or from the Plugable website, and not from the file downloaded from the Broadcom site.

Item Size 5 x 4 x 4 inches Package Weight 0. You might also want to check out the Advanced Troubleshooting section. Premiertek Wireless Bluetooth 3. If you are attempting to install the software on a Windows 7 computer, you may need to clear out any previously installed drivers and start over again.

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If the the device is an external device, insert it into the USB port. Like what you see? Google the error message that accompanies the bluetootg points to get more detail on the cause of the error. If the service was not set to automatic, another Bluetooth adapter may already be installed, and must be removed.

If the computer belongs to a corporation, it may be necessary for IT staff who have the necessary access permissions to do the installation. There is likely bluettooth intermittent connection issue ether in the USB port or the adapter.


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Open a command prompt that has administrator privileges. Sometimes an overzealous anti-virus or anti-Malware program will block new drivers from installing. The version on the Broadcom website consolidates these into one large file, and seems to have problems where the earlier versions do not, especially with older computers or those that did not come with a Bluetooth stack already installed.

After doing this for all the files you wrote down, restart the computer with the Bluetooth adapter in place. I seem to have to re-connect my Bluetooth headset each time the computer comes back from sleep, but I would like to keep the headset connected through computer sleep?

If the adapter lights, reboot the computer and try the original port again. Make sure the internet was connected when the USB adapter was inserted. Installs and says its there. Make one device discoverable and search for it on the other one.