AfterTest ; import org. Your environment is up with the help of Docker containers. In Mercury Tours, suppose we like to verify the titles of the target pages of the two links below. Click on the “Libraries” tab, and then “Add Library‚Ķ” Step 4: If the physical machine where you intend to deploy the environment is busy, feel free to use any other , with two nodes with Chrome and Firefox browsers. The methods marked with these annotations are executed before and after any method respectively with the Test annotation within this class it worth mentioning that if you are extending from a class that has methods with BeforeTest and AfterTest annotations, they will be executed too. We used the Test annotation.

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The HTML report of the executed test: Most Selenium users use this more than Junit because of its advantages. To download follow this link. TestNG offers great flexibility by introducing annotations such as BeforeClass or AfterClass to run methods before all tests in the class.

Keep an eye on your inbox for the latest blogs. It is just important to note for now that annotations in TestNG are easier to code and understand than in JUnit.

Multiple Parameters Aside from “priority,” Test has another parameter called “alwaysRun” which can only be set to either “true” or “false. The only thing you need is to provide a configuration file for webdrive Docker machine and that’s it – you have a ready to use environment to run your tests without spending time on installing and configuring nodes! The default report is not informative enough, but there is an option to provide your own Reporter by implementing interface org.


Moreover, Docker allows you to build a complete infrastructure that is embedded or detached from the physical network. The code below illustrates how BeforeMethod and AfterMethod are used to efficiently execute the scenario mentioned above.

TestNG is inspired from JUnit which uses the annotations. Test ; import java. Annotations used in the testing are very easy to understand ex: Annotations, Framework, Examples in Selenium. Default Selenium infegrate do not generate a proper format for the test results. Follow the steps described on the official TestNG documentation over here.

In addition, if you need to log any Selenium event aelenium running your tests, no problem, TestNG will handle it for you! Testing 20 Virtual Users. To create a test you will need to have the following installed: You might also find these useful: Double-click on that index.

TestNG Tutorial: Annotations, Framework, Examples in Selenium

We will now start to import the TestNG Libraries onto our project. The default report intehrate not informative enough, but there is an option to provide your own Reporter by implementing interface org. Testg, you have five test cases, one method is written for each test case Assume that the program is written using the main method without using testNG. You can download it from the official site. The same test case can be executed multiple times without loops just by using keyword called ‘invocation count.


Maven is a project management tool that helps you build your project and manage documentation and resources. Type your code selenimu shown below. We used the Assert class.

How to Run a Selenium Test with TestNG | BlazeMeter

We used the Test annotation. IReporter and including it into the surefire-plugin configuration in maven pom. Go back to the homepage and verify if it still has seleenium correct title. So start testing now.

How to Run a Selenium Test with TestNG

In this tutorial, we will learn, Store commands, Echo commands, Alerts and Popup handling. But why TestNG and what differentiates it from other similar tools?

If you want to run only failed test cases means you run this XML file.