Before we write any tests, let’s walk through both checkbox approaches to see what Selenium gives us. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Therefore there is something else you aren’t telling us. With an attribute lookup, the simplest thing to do is to assert that the return value is not nil. Here is the pseudo-code:.

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Locators The method findElement takes one parameter which is a locator to the element.

Share on Pinterest Share. Intuitively you may reach for a method that has the word ‘checked’ in it — like.

How to select checkboxes using selenium java webdriver? – Stack Overflow

Running this approach will in fact selennium the checkbox. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. We can also use the xpath query that supports before here is the example http: Continuing on our Java interview series for Selenium Automation, this article covers five of the common Java programs frequently asked in the basic technical interview.

If it is not selected, then it selects. Input Box Input boxes refer to either of these two types: I was able to find the input but couldn’t check it. Share on Facebook Share.


How To Select a Checkbox With Selenium WebDriver

Firefox profile is the collection of settings, customization, add-ons and other personalization This is a sample of working code – selecting sex by male and female radio buttons. Check whether the value you used in the code is different from the one for the element in Firepath now. In case, you find that the value is different and is changing dynamically, consider using By. WebDriver will automatically trigger the submit function of the form where that element belongs to.

Therefore there is something else you aren’t telling us. To select check-box use “WebElement” class. I am using IE8 driver.

It provides API to find the elements and take action on them like entering text into text boxes, clicking the buttons, etc. The Problem Checkboxes are an often used element in web applications. GetAttribute “val” ; CheckBoxTd.

How To Select a Checkbox With Selenium WebDriver

We need to import this package to create objects of Web Elements Step 2: XPath xPathVal ; if! The following snippet checks whether the check box is selected or not. I m new ising this and do not know how differentiate code, URL and comment. I realize that this question has been quite a couple of months but I just found it and was hitting the same issue and found a solution.


We need to import this class in order to create objects.

Selenium Form WebElement: TextBox, Submit Button, sendkeys(), click()

The above XPath is not working. This method does not need a parameter.

Khan 79 4 It is same as click operation. A solution using WebDriver and C is below. Going through the examples given for all other related questions I could not webdrlver a proper solution that work in a concise way that by few line or method I can check a chekbox or radio button.

Space instead of clicking on the checkbox.