You have now a connection pool called MyDatabase. Try the answer provided for this question: Additionally, in order for the transaction manager to recover transactions, the JDBC connection pool’s database user must be given certain Oracle permissions: If this situation arises, add the property PrepareMethod , setting its value to direct. Class name is wrong or classpath is not set for: You should see your screen like similar to this two images:

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For more information about the syntax of the database URL, see the Oracle documentation. She has suggestions about that?

IBM DB2 Database Type 2 JDBC Driver (Oracle GlassFish Server Administration Guide)

Sign up using Facebook. Creating tables in MySQL. Oracle Thin Type 4 Driver for Oracle 8.

DB2DataSource [Message sent by forum member ‘pczurak’ pczurak ] http: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. For use behind firewalls you have to change the pool setting to be more aggressive to avoid consistent disconnect exceptions.


Configuration information is provided for these JDBC drivers:. When I put on resource type: If this situation arises, add the property PrepareMethodsetting its value to direct.

Configure the connection pool using the following settings: After recreating the connection pool with the same settings, the ping is failing with the following error in the server. Note – In some situations, using this driver can cause exceptions to be thrown because the driver creates a stored procedure for every parameterized PreparedStatement by default.

The JAR file for the Sybase driver is jconn4. At the moment I write this article current version is 5. Our objectives will be: Atleast that is where it worked for me as I am exploring this platform as a newbie….

Configurations for Specific JDBC Drivers

Specify the appropriate value. I’m using OS X Please any comment will be welcomed. Because you choose database driver vendor MySQL you will have already specified the driver classname com.

GlassFish Server is designed to support connectivity to any database management system by using a corresponding JDBC driver. GlassFish version 2 has a much improved pooling mechanism and you may not need the more agressive configurations. The database is called booreg.


These combinations have been tested with Enterprise Server v2. I downloaded Payara fish server as jvbc advised and made sure the connector driver was loaded into the correct directory glaesfish bingo.

SID – Set as appropriate. I have the same problems that users have written before me, and I discoveredafter some researchthat the new version of Glassfish is no longer able to do these thingsespecially if you use NetBeans as the IDE. You should see your screen like similar to this two images:.

Document Information Preface 1. The correct classname is probably com. Administering Thread Pools 6. It seems like glassfish isn’t finding the drivers but I can’t understand why. The JAR file for the Oracle 10 database driver is ojdbc Joel Koroniak 33 1 6.