Depending on the OS version, smartphone model and application, you may experience audio delay compared to the video scenes when you are watching videos or playing games with Gear IconX, due to the time for audio synchronization between the smartphone and earbuds. In Wi-Fi mode, once a connection established you can select the target PC. Zoom in Up key Down Left Right. For more details on the math, read this. This means that your iPhone 4S, or Bluetooth 4. When multiple users who are subscribed to our service attempt to use high bandwidth services on multiple devices at the same time, it creates a period of data delivery we call Peak Time Hours.

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Troubleshooting Slow Internet Speed Issues – Xplornet

Share the webpage to Facebook and Twitter: The item is in vigabyte cart. Ports eventually time out and close, so this may be a factor if your speed is intermittently slow.

If you are using a wireless router, ensure it is not conflicting with a cordless phone, baby monitor or other wireless device. All kinds of things can interfere with your Wi-Fi signal and thereby slow down your connection: Content Manager at Ookla.

As Xplornet is a shared bandwidth service, time of day and what all of our customers are doing at a given time can have an effect on your performance.

Check your data Usage. Once the customer reaches their monthly data quota, their download and upload speeds are significantly reduced but is not shut off altogether. Check your router Reset your modem and router.


This can cut your performance by 10x on a high bandwidth connection. Too many ports open can ultimately cause you to lose the Internet as when you request a webpage, there is no doorway available to use. Also check with phone companies and smaller ISPs to see if they offer gigabit. While most WiFi devices utilize the 2.

GIGABYTE 7 series Ultra Durable Motherboards

You still need to check this even if your router was provided by your ISP. You will now see a choice of several control options with the easy-to-use user interface that will give you complete access to your PC’s performance.

While internet service providers ISPsmunicipalities and companies like Google have been making headlines with gigabit the ability to download 1 billion bits of information in one secondservice is still rare and expensive. Use this handy little list to keep track of all the steps:.

Dual band also helps to reduce interference from other devices which utilize the 2. An unusually slow Internet connection is often the only sign that your computer is infected with viruses or other issues.

If your connection is clear, attenuation signal drop over distance is a very real problem when using Wi-Fi. This means that your iPhone 4S, or Bluetooth 4.

EasyTune Touch also offers a unique Quick Boost function with three preset overclocking configurations that offer hassle-free performance enhancement at the touch of a button.


Features and specifications indicated have been wieeless as accurate at the time when the product was introduced to the market. Tags Improve Your Speeds. Auto select best signal path Better performance bandwidth Improve connectivity Higher throughput.

Improve Your Speeds Global Speeds. Routers can lose some speed as they direct traffic between devices. To learn more about the advantages of Bluetooth 4.

Gear IconX 2018

Tune out and focus on your fitness with Gear IconX. Some of these will help you maximize your potential internet speeds even if gigabit is not available in your area. Quality of Service QoS shaping on a wireelss can help you prevent large downloads from eating up all your bandwidth.

Are you sure to proceed? Simply tap to control Play playlists, navigate tracks, and turn up the volume. Sometimes restarting your network or your router can increase the speed of your connection. Peak Time Hours When multiple users who are subscribed to our service attempt to use high bandwidth services on multiple devices at the same time, it creates a period of data delivery we call Peak Time Hours.

Try unplugging these other devices and see if your wireless signal improves.