The new GeForce Then you release it. It seems to be limited to the GTX so far since that is the only one confirmed by another redditor. What bugs have there been with it and nvidia drivers? We both crash at the same time. So I did uninstalled the previous driver and did a system restore to a week ago but am still getting crashes.

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GeForce 335.23 Driver

I didn’t have the newest driver installed during all my crashing. You can say that again Click here to post a comment for this file on the message forum. Gotta hold that shift when hitting.

Designed to provide optimum performance and stability in the highly anticipated Titanfall, the GeForce ggeforce I hope the Company of Heroes 2 bugs are fixed. This issue was not only in DayZ but in all games for me.

Warning for Nvidia users, Geforce driver might be making DayZ crash. : dayz

Tried reducing Video quality and everything else although I should be able to run the game on maximum settings but still didn’t work. The nvidia installer failed to perform a clean install and only managed to remove my driver it failed at installing a new one when I first attempted to roll back so I had to manually remove the driver a second time by deleting the entire nvidia file containing the driver and reinstall the older driver from scratch. Close Steam, uninstall your drivers, and use the full installer for your drivers from Nvidia’s website.


Modern Warfare 2, Perimeter 2, Half-Life 2: Could you update the post eventually with the 353.23 input information so I can reinput my bug report?

I generally agree with you but i also remember that driver which screwed with the fan RPM causing the card to overheat GTX Enthusiast edition here, 3 crashes in about 6 hours of gameplay, It pauses, white screen, crash notification, i can still hear sounds but it never stops being a white screen and i have to restart the game. Has anyone had any problems like this? Can confirm, I am his buddy. Party Poison Senior Member Posts: Support Warning for Nvidia users, Geforce My keyboard stopped working temporarily but im not convinced its related.

Nvidia GeForce WHQL Released

Albeit, This just started happening to me today, worked fine for 30 mins then crashed and I had beforce restart my PC, then errors every few mins ultimately crashing to the desktop. Crash every now and again.


I’m on a Ti. I have a but I only crashed on one server. Bah, just noticed this as well.

Played for a little bit, seems OK so far. I rolled back to the previous driver of course. I’ve gotten an ‘update’ message recently and I’ve just ignored it.

Nvidia GeForce 335.23 WHQL

No crashes, but I’ve only played on experimental for about 2 hours. Directx maybe for some other game? I’ve reverted to Anyone running SLI with these?

D in most games you will find that the game developer will have to release a patch fot AMD cards just ti fix some issues but with Nvidia its not geforfe the case.

I actually did buy a GTbut am considering purchasing a Depending on how long I play. Or can you do it if you manage to get alt-tabbed to the desktop?