FredSpain Personnaly, i doubt it. AksCT What problem s are you experiencing with Sigma ? But here are a few points worth considering: Similarly for other brands – doesn’t this rather cool little widget show up how bad the manufacturers of supposedly “pro” cameras are at giving us proper control over our gear? Dec 22, video. Huawei P9 camera review Jul 22, WayneHuangPhoto Says the casual photographer.

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Digma iDx9 – Talk –

Samlivas If u know how AF works – u have to know- in all focal length u don’t need to do any adjustments if on yours camera fine adjustment has been done Worked well, then broke the modem, bought a new one, but it does not catch it it works fine on the computer, and everything can blink on the tablet, and maybe I need to tweak something Gear of the Year – Dan’s choice: Every lens requires AF fine tune.

It’s review is FAR more interesting than any of the reviews you’ve mentioned. AF inaccuracies are a thing of the past: Andrew Westlake As it happens, I fully understand your frustrations about some cameras not getting reviews.


Thanks for the reply Andy and Mikhail – Show me one camera that can do what this can and I will give you a peanut. After flashing, I suddenly found out that the camera was not working. All they need to do is put a sensor in it and a KAF mount on the front and you have a product I’d buy.

Sigma USB Dock quick review: Digital Photography Review

This all raises the question of why I can’t change OS type, AF speed focus limiting and focus micro-adjustment dynamically in-camera, where it would be far more useful. A number of things could then take place, from a “this lens is stolen” warning, to messing with firmware, using IP address to locate rough area the lens is in geographically CDAF systems don’t need any focus adjustments.

It would save a lot of messing around.

This is a solution if you buy newer glass from Sigma. Specifically, two series of 8MP images. What mistakes are corrected, I wonder On one side of jsb dock is a mount for the lens.

Track-side setup — Erm, guys, that’s why they make laptops. The original suit broke any proprietary nature on the mechanical specs of the mount at jsb time.

Digma iDx9

We thank you for contacting the Russian technical support company Digma. AllOtherNamesTaken You couldn’t be more incorrect about me.


So you know NEX-3N price you know it’s really good, basically you know everything about it already, and you’re gushing like a teenage girl over 1D, BUT, you need a review to tell you to buy it.

Founder Phil Askey on the first ten years. Canon allows updating of lenses on said mount via the body Post has been edited AleksandrL – Then I read the article introduction I used to digm contrast AF was too slow.

I now enjoy photography a lot more, no more AF frustration! None of this is hard to do.

You buy a new body and the lens uusb longer works? Rogue drones cause chaos at London’s Gatwick international airport. I have a Nikon V1 and indeed they hybrid focusing is good Anyone know what version this software is running?

Today I turn on the tablet and it loads and does not open.