Remove the digivu and reinsert. Jan 12, When the download is complete the LED will change to green and if an error occurs it will light up red. The software supplied with the Digivu allows you to select exactly which data you need to download from your vehicle unit latest activity only, full activity and speed data etc as well as allowing you to optimise the download speed. No customer reviews yet.

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Too many businesses are taking the human element out of their service. There was a small glitch with v3. Should work with you two.

Jan 23, Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too. Remove the digivu and reinsert. Clicked on a picture and was thankfully asked for my password for I assume a purchase. Flash is ace by the way whoever invented that needs a medal.

I was aware that you could run windows on them but didnt think you could run both? I wouldn’t use anything else to be honest.


Digivu vehicle unit download device

I immediately stopped the download but the money was already taken out of my account. But the Data is not auto uploaded the files created will need to be manually uploaded to FTA using Visionfta. Me too, I purchased Aperture with a digkvue click.

In addition to this the digivu stores information on each vehicle it downloads so that it is truly able to download just the data since the last download. Visionfta communicates with the supplied digiconnect software so that files from the digivu are automatically placed in digivuee Visionfta Upload Folder. How many vehicles can I download with the digivu?

You can download as many as vehicles at a time with figivue digivu before needing to archive files to the PC. I’ve already done the reset all warnings I shouldn’t have to as I have never used the iTunes store, but like, what-ev-er, I’ll follow the steps on the outdated page that the apple rep linked me to: This apps works well.


Digivue Xl2003-1 DVR Video Capture Card

Has ads and limited capabilities. Lots of information exchanged with limited reasoning and understanding! Makes life so much easier! This is when i use the normal window laptop. Operating system changes may also require that digiconnect diigivue updated. Google Bootcamp – that will tell you all you need to know. Posters, Stickers, Cards, Signs. Matthew Morgan Matthew Morgan. I think I just had a similar experience.

Sat Mar 15, 8: You will need to buy or ‘aquire’ a copy of Windows though Alchemy! Jan 21, 5: Record Mode turns any spare iOS device into a tiny solid state, battery backed, network video recorder to record your cameras 24×7 with search, playback, and export macc. Mon Jul 16, 6: I did not even mean to click to Buy button. Users browsing this forum: More fixes for iPhone X support changes.