Brightness difference between white and black. The differences between the two monitors can be attributed to manufacturing panel variances. It is better for gaming because of its lower input lag and the presence of variable refresh rate technology. Gaming and other usages where high frame rate content is consumed. The OSD has a shortcut key option, which can bind options like volume to a quick menu to save time. In Stock Update Location close. Dell Community Blogs Dell Newsroom.

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Sell Between Systems Changing between systems has been greatly simplified with a wide range of connectivity ports, letting you switch from PC gaming to your secondary gaming console without rearranging cords. Different technologies have different viewing angle properties. However, it also has the ability to add flicker so as to remove blur.

Bright living rooms; bright objects; SDR content. Includes websites, standard windows environment and SDR movies. A brand you can rely on: How well built and sturdy the monitor is, and how good the materials used to build it are. The monitor uses its light-matte finish to del, reflections across the screen, which reduces their intensity while producing some haze.


Dell 24 Gaming Monitor – S2417DG

See our best recommendations. General usage and while playing video games. The stand footprint is small and allows the monitor to be placed close to the wall if necessary.

The menus have text next to the icon making it easy to know which menu item you are using. To post a comment you need to Log in.

The monitor is not well suited for dim environments as blacks look washed out, and the image is not vibrant. Image retention measured right after the static image exposure, without recovery time. HDR content consumption and production. Reduces eye-tracking blur in motion.

Dell SDG Review –

This monitor did not show any signs of image retention throughout the test which is excellent. RGB colorspace a monitor can display at different luminosity levels.

QHD, x Monitor is perfect for my needs. Matches the native refresh rate. Lowest input lag s2471dg at the center of the screen, when the monitor is displaying its native resolution at its native refresh rate.

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This tool will clearly show you the differences. How much of the DCI-P3 s2147dg a monitor can display at different luminosity levels, normalized to the monitor’s peak brightness output.


Analyst Relations Dell Newsroom. Configuration of the lights of the backlight. The amount of bleed that appears across the screen horizontally.

General usage and SDR media creation. The picture quality of the Dell SDG is mediocre.

The luminance at which the pre-calibration reading was done. General usage as well as gaming. Image retention measured after a recovery time of 2 minutes.

Content with large bright areas, such as for PC or video game use, and sports such as hockey. How much the color from one area of the screen s2417dv the color in another area of the screen.

Game like the pros with high-performance visuals. Dell in the News Dell Newsroom.