Most of the issues I’ve had won’t probably show up at all with the next release of Ubuntu Dapper , which is scheduled in June. Note that resizing with QtParted may be lengthy process it took more than half an hour I think , and at some point it looks like it’s frozen can’t click on anything on the GUI , but it is actually working, so wait! I have one remaining problem with sound, when I plug in the headphones, the internal speakers are not muted, I haven’t been able to fix this yet. I used the live-cd installer and had to enter in “safe graphics mode”. To fix the problem I run: The PCI slot Wireless Wireless networking worked out of the box!

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For several Linux distros, there are precompiled drivers matched to specific kernels. If you want to get both CPU cores working, you need to install the SMP symmetric multi-processing kernel, you can easily do this installing the linuxsmp package after the default installation, the system works as well with one core only using hd or synaptic.

I then installed it with: Use as the email Subject Line: There’s a script made by lnux to install the driver in Ubuntu, you can fetch it on this page. For candidate modem in: During the hsfmodem install, there will be a message if there is necessary installation of alsa-driver- linuxant.


Installing Ubuntu Breezy on a Dell Inspiron 6400

For owners of a Dell PCs with Conexant HSF modems, a driver jdc package with full speed enabled is available, but requires driver compiling. The problem was easily solved installing the resolution patch.

For candidate card in slot YourName, YourCountry kernel 2.

The directions following below need only be pursued, if the above procedures are not adequate. Versions adequately match for the compiler installed: If not on your d1110 CD, these packages can be searched for at http: Wireless Wireless networking worked out of the box!

Conexant HDA D MDC(Dell Inspiron ) modem on Ubuntu

Predictive diagnostics for card in bus It says to conexanh this line: I have one remaining problem with sound, when I plug in the headphones, the internal speakers are not muted, I haven’t been able to fix this yet.

The HDA card softmodem chip is 0x14f12bfa.

Installing Linux on this laptop was difficult at first, I initially tried Debian Sarge, and Fedora Core IV and then Vbut with both something didn’t work “out of the box”, and I wasn’t able to configure it by myself with Sarge, the installation of the base system went smoothly, modsm the computer got stuck conexxant to install the desktop environment; with Fedora I couldn’t get the native screen resolution x and the sound ilnux work.


Sound The sound worked after the installation, but was distorted, I found a solution for the problem on this forum. When compiling ALSA drivers, the utility “patch” will also be needed. Potentially useful modem drivers now loaded are: I then tried Ubuntu Breezy, and though not everything worked “out of the box”, with some post-configuration I’ve been able to set up a system I’m very satisfied with.

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Wireless Laser Mouse Reciever If a cellphone is not detected, see http: Output from ScanModem ModemData. Attached USB devices are: Downloaded packages must be moved into the Linux partition home folder is OK and unzipped with: For details see http: Screen Resolution Issue After rebooting the linhx problem was getting the right screen resolution of x Permission denied see http: None Link to a FAQ.

The HDA card softmodem chip is 0x14f12bfa Support type needed or chipset: The installation of the new Ubuntu release 6. PME disabled [ In not included on your install CD, search for them at http: