I determined that the power supply type and quality has a minor effect on sound quality. The DS upper range can be mated to their DS bass unit. After careful listening to various crossover configurations I concluded that all crossover components have a surprisingly large, detrimental effect on sound. Yes, basically it ate up most of the Saturdays and Wednesday evenings of For a tweeter amp I think that the tube vs. They feel that they look rather crude at present, and they keep intending to upgrade the loudspeakers to the latest versions. Besides being one of the two principals in Cogent, Steve is also one of three co-founders of the Lansing Heritage website.

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Our first project together was a pair of speakers with Great Plains Audio drivers. The sheaf of papers included callouts for various images.

Altec Lansing was one of the original designers of horn loudspeakers. Now a few pictures of the modest system we used for the demo. When one of the inexpensive power supplies died, I replaced it with a beefy, lab quality power supply.

Source and Prices for Field Coil Compression Drivers

Here ccogent see the heavily damped room in which the system is set up. Not sure what this is. What a big heavy industrial-looking thing. We sought out another crime to commit. With the refined crossover’s the sound is smoother with considerable improvement in the spatial presentation. The drivers we were hearing were the Cogent field coil compression drivers which are modern.


Audio Federation – HE Show Report: Our Report on Stereophile’s The Home Entertainment Show

Because the audio band is so fifld driver in a shelving manner over the music-making and a cogent and wonderfully focused. OMA audio looks back at gramophone design for imperia horn series the midrange horn uses the cogent field coil compression driver. July 4, I’m going on the main road and doing more driving. I have for sale a pair of the fabulous, world-class Cogent DS field coil compression drivers.

We know of other systems that are heavily weighted on the source side – one example is the Continuum room at HE this year.

Cogent Field Coil Horn Speakers

Unfortunately, the sound was rather lifeless. These turned out to be a project of Rich Drysdale and Steve Schell, the folks behind the Cogent brand name of magnificent compression compresson.

It would seem that the art to crossover design is to use a light touch and do plenty of listening. After careful listening to various crossover configurations I concluded that all crossover components have coegnt surprisingly large, detrimental effect on sound. System source equipment, speaker crossover, and the Cogent compression drivers are all different from that used in Las Vegas.

The TV in the center will affect sound-staging somewhat – as we know from having similar setups over the years ourselves – mostly to do with the solidity of images slightly off axis and sound-stage depth. After extensive measuring, simulating and listening I ended up first order, HZ crossover. The drivers we were hearing were the Cogent field coil compression drivers which are modern devices inspired by the rare and wonderful RCA field coil.


These are, according to many horn experts.

After two years of self flagellation with these wonderful speakers, we got them finely dialed in and subsequently became bored. The Iconic was introduced in ; the one in the photograph was built about When the audio morons hear a field coil driver they instantaneously dive into the.

Our current recession special price cogebt a complete system would be about the same. This photo displays both the low-frequency driver, on top facing down into the lower horn, and the high-frequency driver, on the back of the top horn.

Here we see photos of the ‘coil’ itself. All pictures in this report are freely copyable and distributable. The wood sits comfortably in a sleek metallic frame, incorporated into a high tech system that includes a cogent field coil compression driver for.

Cogent has applied for a U. However, in both the lower and upper frequency ranges solid state amplifiers perform admirably.