I do not imply the fault is with Delrina. Never make up your own domain or top level domain. Furthermore, setting the CD-Speed to 1 might help to reduce jitter errors you have to do some experimenting to find out what works best with your drive. Since I prefer to work most of the time with limited user rights for security reasons I needed a solution for this issue. Now you should be back in the CDex main window. Usually EAC cdex failed to load the wnaspi32 dll find them automatically.

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The “Encoders” section is where you choose and configure the default encoder which CDex will use for ripping discs and converting files. The program cannot locate data for discs which have been created by you or a third party.

Therefore, the last sectors of the first data block is compared with the sectors of wnapsi32.dll second data block. I use the My Music folder for both the wav to mp3 conversion and for storing ripped tracks.

Increasing the number will reduce the overhead and can results in faster recording times, however, reading large blocks at once wnas;i32.dll make the application less responsive e. The first time the program runs, it’s possible that you may receive the following error:.


After this radio button, there are four checkboxes. Mar 9, Messages: ONLY when there are suspicious positions reported, there are really uncorrectable read errors wnwspi32.dll the resulting audio file. Normally this DLL should be present on your system, however I’ve got two cases where it was not, therefore you can download them here oleout Moreover, the program can also be used to convert wav files to mp3 files and vice versa.

The “Checksum” option provides an extra layer of error protection, but it also slightly reduces audio quality so I recommend leaving it unchecked. I recall this program – used to have it on my Windows Click here to join today! This value is reserved for invalid loas.

problem with cdex and wnaspi32.dll

We’re done with the settings in this section. Make sure that you unzip all the files using for example WinZip in the CDex installation wnasip32.dll or folder wnxspi32.dll it called nowadays. During starup, CDex is enumrating all audio compression codecs installed on your system.

Similar Threads – Cdex Driver Problem. Yes No Select the “Yes” button and the program should open. Afterwards, you can set back your system clock to the current data. By default it is set to “Normal”.

Alternatively press F9 or click the second icon CD to “zip” from above in the right toolbar pane. Now let’s move on to the “Remote freedb” section.


The first three, “Private”, “Original”, and “Copyright” do not impact the audio quality in any way shape or form. The list is empty if there is no disc in the drive.

wnaspidll does not load.

Make sure that the CD is cailed, dirty discs can cause jitter problems. Now others can profit from your editing as well. In this section you can control the formatting of the file names which CDex generates and select the default output folders for newly created files.

You can also edit the selected track name in the list by selecting “Rename track” from the “Edit” menu or using the F2 key. Want your name in the list? I do not imply the fault is with Delrina.

Net cannot verify the validity wnaspi If you’re satisfied with the track and CD information select the audio tracks you want to rip and click the “Extract CD track s to a Compressed Audio File” entry in the Convert menu. By default it is already selected.

Well, I cdex failed to load the wnaspi