Any experiences similar to this? SQLServerDriver include the driver jar on the buildpath ; so the setup. Friend, your debugging informaiton is: I have resolved this problem now. You must be a registered user to add a comment. My question is simple We do make useof updatable result sets – but I don’t care if it isn’t supported sinceI can still use MS driver for those, as they are mainly done it batchjobs.

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I assume this is required with the jar file. ExceptionInInitializerError [java] at com.

I have verified that sqljdbc. Instead of using msbase. The javadoc for statement.

What is thecofiguration required for type 2 driver and what driver class filesrequired? I’ve tried compiling as java 1. The web application work properly on development machine andthis machine but encounter this exception when move to anothermachine, so is this exception related to the machine?


I did, and I put the jar files in the Web-info directory but it didn’t work.

Is it another event or column I need? JDBC Driver class not found: SQLServerDriver include the driver jar on the buildpath. I realize its a long java.lang.classnotfoundexcepiton When i execute startup.

sql server – ClassNotFoundException – verDriver – Stack Overflow

Would Microsoft consider rebuilding de drivers with 1. Please try what I said: Hi, It looks like the jar files containing the MS SQL driver are not in your classpath, check from your installation directory and mention in the classpath Environment variable.

Hi, Anyone know what I’m doing wrong? Can you recommend a particular driver? Yes, I do have that. Marged Yes, and I can see that jafa.lang.classnotfoundexception driver in the archive. Have you checked the package structure of the jar already?

Error With JDBC Driver

Furthermore, in the Tomcat application directory lib folder I have also placed a copy of sqljdbc Sun Jun 25, Are you using the Liferay. September 15, at 2: All you should need to do is drop that.

  EZ305 OV6620 DRIVER

Try and let me know what it does. But it is working fine with tomcat 5 of JIRA 5. Things I do not have a direct need for: Error creating bean with name ‘com. Yeah I have the drivers in there. Thanks Although every time I make a call to the SQL server it take over 30 seconds ro get a responce.

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There are three classloaders in every application. I never used this server. C annot resolve reference to bean ‘com.