Pay attention to the following points when updagrading. Cassette 2 size detection switch OP2: Laser Scanner Motor Control Photosensitive Drum Cleaning Be sure to clean the copyboard glass and the ADF reading glass during every service visit.

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The site must not be too cold or subject to dust. Description Delay jam at duplex paper sensor 1 SR The duplex paper sensor 1 does not turn on within the specified time after the delivery sensor on the main unit side turns on.

Document length sensor 1 PI4: Light guide Illuminates the entire image line with the LED light. E Use it to clear the management information at canin time of card reader removal. Select “No” to display counters in the conventional type. NCU Do not change.

If the sub-thermistor detects a temperature equal to or higher than deg C, paper feed and printing stop to prevent the temperature from rising at the edge. List Of Sensors Removing The Fixing Film Sensor Fault detection Fixing temperature control [1] Warm-up temperature control [2] Normal temperature control [3] Sheet-to-sheet temperature i20222 Protection danon [1] Detection of error in temperature control by thermistor [2] Detection of temperature rise by thermo-switch Fixing drive control Speed control by detecting fixing film rotation 8.


I am trying to install a canon IR2022 printer

Outline Of Service Mode Error Display error Display This thread is locked. Do not change the adjustment value extremely.

E Main motor failure The main motor is faulty. When ‘0’ is selected, count type will not be indicated. This product is supported by our Canon Authorized Dealer Network.

Canon Copier IR User Guide |

Canon iR Portable Manual pages Brand: Operating environment temperature range 15 to Canon Authorized Dealers provide the highest quality service and are supported by Canon-certified technicians using Canon Genuine parts. Cxnon Of Contents Item Maintenance cycle [1] Pressure plate cleaning As required [2] Copyboard glass large cleaning As required [3] Copyboard glass small cleaning When the message appears [4] Copyboard holder jump board As required [5] Fixing pressure roller cleaning As required Remarks Clean every sheets Chapter 1 [6] Exterior cleaning As required 1.

A For checking and adjusting images. Install the wire saddle [3] on the molded i2202 side.

Problems vanon with safety, malfunctions, or incorrect message display do not occur, but image quality fanon paper feed performance are not guaranteed. If the shorting connector [5] is not disconnected, a malfunction or error can result. Remove the connector [2] and reusable band [3], and release the duplex unit harness from the wire saddle [4]. Communication Error Log Detail Screen The detail information of the communication error log is displayed.


Short [2] [1] [3] [2] [1] [2] F 7. Telephone registration refers to the registration of codes on one-touch dialing, abbreviated dialing, and group dialing.

More Print this page Share this page. Abnormally high temperature detected by main thermistor The main thermistor detected an abnormally high temperature – Check the connector of the fixing film unit. Chapter 4 Component No. The reception signal is generated by the speaker.

F 3 When the feed roller drive gear is engaged with the feed roller shaft gear, drive power is transferred to the feed roller shaft gear and consequently the feed roller starts rotating.