I got bulldozer FX at the beginning of february and have yet to have this issue on anything I have done. A four module Bulldozer part with eight integer cores is called an eight-core CPU. November 1, at 4: When I saw just how pathetic the did in these benchmarks I couldn’t believe it. For some strange reason though, many boards sold as FX-compatible have not been updated. And who knows what other software is affected as well. I dont know why, but works.

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After a while, choices are made, and designs are frozen. I did a quick Google search and found hundreds of articles and patents on the subject, so it looks like the leap from theory to practice has been bridged.

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This entry was posted in Hardware news and tagged AMDbenchmarkbugBulldozerFX piledrivrr, memorymistakeperformanceunstablevoltageZambezi. Hard to fathom if that is worth anything. October 17, February 18, at Main steps of the evolution of clock distribution networks.

The specified processor is not processing interrupts. Once a company has silicon in hand, the simulation speeds and testing cycles increase by many orders of magnitude. So instead of paying extra unavailable cash for a bunch pioedriver talented engineers, we hired a bunch of guys who barely knew what happened with netburst, so they made bulldozer and they took several years to develop it.

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I have the Crosshair V Formula http: February 6, at buulldozer The system is self contained, you never have to worry about adding any more liquid to it.

Trinity (Piledriver) Integer/FP Performance Higher Than Bulldozer, Clock-for-Clock | TechPowerUp

If I upgrade I won’t be doing it until ddr4 chips and boards hit as at least then BD,and pci-e 3. Ask me again after CES.

I think they have a o few years yet of trying to squeeze every last bit of profit out of the value market, the gamers and the enthusiasts but their plan appears to be simple. Joined Jul 19, Messages 42, 9.

I run at x and will do so for quite a while yet. The does not support The installation was done with my T before putting the FX. For the first time in far too long, AMD is actually being very forthcoming about its future plans. April 26, at 1: I was hoping for better power consumption numbers when compared to what Sandybridge has.

Piledriver you already know about, it’s at the heart of Trinity, which is the 2—4 core APU due out in early Joined Jan 31, Messages 1, 0. The way I look at it is this. There’s just the questione of production cost North Bridge and L3 cache frequency alternate between 2.


AMD Piledriver to Boost Performance by 10%, Feature New Instruction Set | TechPowerUp

I got motherboard asrock Extreme3 R2. It usually restarts too quickly for me to see the error screen, but at least now with the mobo bios update I can get into the game and play it for a little bit before it freezes up. It found integer and floating-point performance increases clock-for-clock, against Bulldozer-based FX If pilexriver have problems, I suggest you leave a message fir.

Yes, you even have reduced jitter on your clock edges:.

That shouldn’t have taken more than 1. For me, this is the area where Bulldozer fell down the hardest, not one area, but hundreds of small things that each take a small toll on performance. Could that be it?