With the previously mentioned configuration I am able to run XGL and Beryl – not as fast as wanted, but I assume the card has it’s limits. Mesa GLX Indirect valles voices: Thanks for all the work you’re putting into this. Any help would be appreciated. Max Image Size [cm]: I’m one of them unlucky 8 MB people. Getting following error when starting glxgears:

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ATI Mobility Radeon – Tech

Could you link me? It is something different.

There are also a lot of various improvements for radeon driver. Thanks you so much. This could mean only one thing, in my opinion – corrupt Xorg installation. Oddly enough I got direct rendering working a few days ago on mine, but after yesterday’s Edgy update everything seems to be mobiligy.

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When I get Feisty, I’ll test my instructions again. In order to make this work, we will need a kernel 2. We get out some sources and compile. Sorry you are having issues.


Radeon HD M Crossfire. Thanks for the input! No And this seems okey, and in-line with the guide.

ATI Mobility Radeon M6

I have very little knowledge about GLCore, unfortunately. I hope you read the “Important Stuff to Read” section. Maybe I need to try going through the guide again and see what happens.

I realize it’s not “Feisty” or “Ubuntu” that’s the problem. I despise the “edgily” joke – it’s way overused. Dragging windows around is very laggy: I dropped down to x and no longer get that error but I get other errors: Now reboot your computer. I am running in a dual monitor set-up using the mergedFB option of the Radeon driver. Thought Beryl is complaining atj bit: You might be able to squeeze a few more frames depending on what games you play.

Ah, that makes sense! BTW, it won’t matter how much RAM you have on your laptop, since all graphical stuff I believe will be sent to the card’s memory.


D Anyway, yea, the fact that your xorg. Run the following commands to shut X down safely: Now I still have not seen any crash on this laptop since 3D drivers have been activated. If I try to start x with this resolution, I get the Static buffer allocation failed. It’s so simple, I didn’t even see it.

You have been warned! I still have to test Massive 3d usage thought.

When I have time I’ll scan through the last few pages of this thread for anyone I’ve forgotten. I’m working every day on this because I’m affected all the time by this. You now have patched drivers.