Like most people making video programs these days, ATI tried to give a lot of functions without specializing any of them, which generally means a crap application if you really want to do something with it. Fri Jun 22, 5: I then have it start a capture session and wait 5 seconds for files to allocate, then it starts the capture. It was designed for FAT drive systems, and therefore the lack of a multi-file capture is just unbelievably stupid. I just installed the wrapper, rebooted and it doesn’t show up in the vdub preferences. The accelerator is available in standard and OC versions: I have searched these boards for two hours now.

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Generic Win2k Drivers for BT video capture chip??? – Ars Technica OpenForum

This requires the capture ayi to control the tv channel. Fans are developed on hydrodynamic bearing and can be monitored by a special facility; rotational speed captture be automatically altered by means of pulse capgure modulation and fluctuate within the captuge of rpm to rpm.

Fri Jun 22, 6: Mon Jun 25, 2: The channel change is only supported for BT now Conexant sp? I can’t seem to find a solution for my setup. I have scoured the net left and right. I refuse to even install it because it messes up the drivers too much.


This application allows for remote monitoring and control over the local network. I tried installing the driver that I downloaded from the first link. Either way, I tried the driver listed there and it still didn’t work.

A set of standard video outputs: Fri Jun 22, 2: I use a program called Automate to keep my computer from idling while the vfw is open I have all powersaving off in bios and windows but in win98 it seems like it idles on it’s own and vfw locks the machine.

Thus, each customer receives extra facilities for the efficient employment of the device. As I understand w2k does not support vfw at all. However, I cannot seem to find a program that has the ability to do that on the AIW I am limited to x on my caps and the AVI doesn’t look perfect in Vdub so I am seeking for another solution that can schedule tv recordings. Hope that some user with the same card as you have will help you. Wow, kinda old stuff, not even Win2K SP2?

sewwieq Download ATI WDM Bt829 Video Capture

It doesn’t even have a brandname. They constantly violate the GPL, I won’t touch their stuff because they don’t simply care about it.


I think its used for those mini-internet video camcorders. Either I can’t capture at the bitrate at all, or I capture video only with 0 frame drops.

One of the peculiarities realized in this model is the availability of Cloud App application. Name Type Data drivers.

ATI Bt829, WDM Video Capture, il-lista tal-sewwieqa

I also use a priority changer app to set my priority to high for capturing. D-Link has expanded its lineup of network solutions with a new router model Cloud Router Right now they are doing maintanence on it.

Capture using virtualdub into HuffYUV codec and recompress into divx using xvid. Bt8229 can’t find the ones I used in win2k sorry man. The lack of multi-file capture!!

So it’s almost like an real VCR Does anyone have any advice? If you don’t want to upgrade, I’m not sure how much I can help. But anytime I open a program which ahi the BT the whole computer crashes.