The F3sv has a basic built-in soundcard which is similar to all other brands. It works like any other touchpad mouse button so this is fine in my opinion. The camera is a handy feature for video conferencing, but would be used for little else. At the command line, after logging in, I typed. The Asus F3Ja comes with a two year international warranty. Screen mounted speakers view large image.

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It works like any other touchpad mouse button so this is fine in my opinion.

Asus F3sv-A1 Review

Xsus notebook feels very sturdy and professional. Though not alarmingly flex it shows that this keyboard is not perfect in that sense. The included hard drive is the GB Seagate Momentus The color and the contrast of the screen are great. One major upside of the mouse is that it comes with side to side scrolling ability. The battery included is a 6-cell lithium ion battery rated at mAh and like the previous models of the D3s, the battery protrudes from the body just a bit.

Asus F3S Parts : Fix Laptop Service Centre, Laptop Spare Parts

As for the touchpad, it takes me a little bit of time to get use to it. They are just average laptop speakers. It was there that I was introduced to the Asus F3 series laptop. Vertical viewing angle view large image. The built-in speakers are located near the screen, and produce an unusually powerful, well amplified sound that is fairly well rounded for notebooks in general.


It is comfortable to use and feels solid when typing. After using the touchpad with sweaty and cold fingers it still picks up the movements.

The lid is made of magnesium alloy and plastic which blends well with the rest of the body; however when you twist the screen there is still some bending but not enough to worry about it.

Asus provided a funky, spacious messenger bag and an Asus branded Logitech optical mouse along with the notebook. The first few times I used it I fell in love with the screen, and then you start to notice the little details that make this notebook beautiful such as the quality build.

Asus F3Ja Review (pics, specs)

You can look at it from both sides without any major distortion or color change. Given the small chassis of a Overall this laptop packs performance in a portable laptop and has graciously met my needs.

Luckily, in comparison to the big companies, Asus has limited this bloat to just an anti-virus program and a few utilities. Asus has provided the LifeTouch software to use the video and still abilities of this camera. Other than that, it has everything I need. I was able to install Ubuntu 7. I thought it was an awesome deal! I will name the function keys in order from left to right: The included super-multi drive is Lightscribe enabled, but no software is given to use this functionality.


Asus F3S M Pixels Camera – RM : Laptop Specialist, All the parts you need.

Gaming is wonderful on the F3sv, and that is expected considering the power the notebooks brings to the table. Horizontal profile view large image.

The fingerprint reader is located between the two touchpad buttons, pixells can double as a scroll wheel. Vista is fairly sluggish without 2GB of ram, which is a de facto minimum.

Here is an example of the photo quality of the integrated camera, the content of which shows the included technical literature that came with the F3sv:. You can see more detail regarding the V optical mouse on Logitech. The image quality is good enough for video messaging camear lacks details when taking large photos as demonstrated below:. What is remarkable about this notebook is the lack of noise it produces.