My console also has one of the worst headphone amplifiers known to man; in fact, it’s currently broken, and I haven’t bothered to fix it. My Mini-DAC is set to arrive on sometime this week. I initially said I wasn’t interested and that I was happy using the ‘s outputs to monitor through, but then I relented and said I would check out the Mini-DAC. Orlan K , Feb 7, He’s the owner of Audio Upgrades,

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DreadnoughtFeb 7, TRM05Feb 7, New family of Thunderbolt audio interfaces for Mac Element Designed in California Built in the U. Get answers now in the Apogee Knowledgebase.

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Switching over to the Mini-DAC sounded significantly better, and this way I was able to monitor my tracks more clearly and to give artists better sound in their headphones. ConvertersSignal Processors Apogee: I was gonna complain that the XLR outputs and headphone levels are both controlled by the front-panel level control I’d suggest that, at some point, you’ll just need to settle down and just determine what is ‘good enough’ for you.

Amps were Goldmund SS monoblocs and Ficion top of the line speakers.

You just plug your digital signal into the corresponding minirac on the back; plug your headphones in front, or plug an amp, console, or powered speakers into the rear XLR outs; set the select knob to the proper input; and adjust the level control to suit. I’ve seen the term needledrop since getting back into audio after a protracted absence as you knowbut am not sure exactly what it means.


Apogee Mini-DAC vs. Benchmark DAC-1 USB

This argues, for me, that I find a price point and sonic signature that’s acceptable for now as it will change quickly in the future. Vintage King co-founder Apobee Nehra shares some of his love, knowledge, and practical advice for diving into the world of vintage audio gear, and then takes us behind the scenes for a walk through It’s real easy to use too- I didn’t even crack the manual open until I wrote this review, as you’ll see later.

The Legendary Audio Masterpiece 2 is a comprehensive 2-bus analog processing system conceived by Billy Stull and designed by Rupert Neve. Subscribe for free here.

Apogee Mini-DAC vs. Benchmark DAC-1 USB | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

Every now and then, a product comes along that sets a new bar for sound quality, features, and price. For nearly three decades, Apogee products and technologies have set the standard for audio recording.

Sometimes I get sent a piece of gear to review that I think I don’t really need, and then once it’s in use at my studio, I don’t know how I lived without it. Mac computers via Thunderbolt Features: I have to agree with Barry on this one; the Bay Area Audio Society just held a session about the advantages of using a computer-based music server and Firewire to send music to a DAC.


It’s sounding great right now and maybe I will keep it.

Shop for Apogee Products and Accessories. Professional Stereo Audio Interface for Mac.

But once you realize this design quirk, it’s fine. Black ElkFeb 7, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

I initially said I wasn’t interested and that I was happy using the ‘s outputs to monitor through, but then I relented and said I would check out the Mini-DAC. Given the number of options out there, its good to have narrowed down your list.

For the record, I’ve been intrigued with both the Apogee and the Benchmark gear but, due to my need for recording 8 channels at one time, I’ve settled for a Presonus FireStudio, which I’ve found sufficient – but likely not for the pros – for digital playback.

Mac computers PC computers Features: For Barry, I appreciate that you understand and value a small company that doesn’t try to all-things-to-all-people in Metric Halo. Either DAC is fine as I’m sure are many others in that price range. Frank, thanks for the info on the Benchmark.